When you work with an organisation, it is important that you feel like you fit in and belong. You may or may not be the right fit for certain organisations, perhaps due to company culture (the way they do things) or their values and ethical framework. Chayn is an intersectional feminist organisation that believes in gender, religious, racial and class equality. Through feminist values, we work hard to improve lives all over the world, especially those affected by marginilisation. We support LGBTQIA+ rights. We believe in a woman’s right to her own choices and decisions about her life and body. We support abortion rights. We support those who work and those who are full-time parents and spouses. We support those who wear hijab and those who don’t.

By joining Chayn as a Trustee, Volunteer, Freelancer or Employee you are committing to treating everyone you interact with in this space with dignity and respect by following these House Rules:

  1. No politics: Chayn is a place to discuss Women’s and people of other marginalised genders empowerment and safety, in order to ensure this is our priority we feel it's best to leave our political opinions behind and focus on the work of Chayn. What we mean by “no politics” is not trying to force your political affiliations onto others, not judging others by their politics or fighting on the group. We can put these differences aside to combat sexual and gender-based violence and work towards a feminist future.
  2. No Religious talk: We are coming from different beliefs and religions. Different people believe in different things and this platform is for everyone regardless of whether they are religious or not. We will try to avoid discussing any religious topics unless they directly relate to contextualising the work of Chayn i.e. making sure our work is religiously sensitive. We believe in respecting each other and our religions (or lack thereof). Every religion is against gender-based violence, and as many of the people we help seek comfort in religion we have included some information on religion on our websites.
  3. There is no right or wrong opinion: We can always build on each other’s opinions and ideas. That’s what makes our community stronger, dynamic, special, efficient and cool.
  4. Be constructive: If you want to make suggestions or do not particularly like an idea we encourage you to speak up. Always say it in a clear, helpful and constructive manner. We will provide training materials about giving and receiving feedback in a trauma-informed way and you can also ask for help with this from HR, the executive team or your line manager.
  5. Take ownership of your ideas: You will probably have some brilliant ideas for helping women and people of marginalised genders, and we want them all! We also want you everyone who interacts with Chayn to grow and learn new skills, connections and feel like you are making an impact on the world. A great way to do this is to take ownership of your ideas. This means you can come up with a plan on how to implement your idea or organise a discussion for it, with lots of support from us, of course.
  6. Help welcome new colleagues and volunteers: We need to help them feel welcomed and help get them involved with projects, guiding them along the way. We can all offer support and advice.
  7. Commit and truly commit: If you’ve signed up to help on a project or task, respond to the calls for help. We understand you may have other commitments so don’t say yes if you don’t have time!
  8. Representing Chayn: Remember, whether you are a contractor, employee or volunteer you will be in some capacity representing Chayn to the world. We know you all are amazing, level-headed folks so it is important that we try to emulate the principles and ethics we hold dear. How the outside world perceives us can affect the impact we make.
  9. The most important thing is to enjoy your time: Enjoy meeting and talking to inspiring and interesting people while you are making the world a better place. We are a team of global staff, freelancers and volunteers from every kind of professional and personal background imaginable! This makes group work eye-opening and fun with an amazing multicultural spin.